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Israeli Business Sector Renewable Energy Pathfinder


100% Green Electricity
in Israel’s
Centennial Year

Hashmal 100 initiative
Invites organizations operating in Israel
to achieve the goal of 100% renewable electricity
by 2048 – Israel’s centennial year!

Renewable Energy Pathfinder for
the Israeli Business Sector

Green electricity is a business interest for every organization 
in the era of climate crisis. The initiative Hashmal 100 was founded 
by the business sector and for its benefit.


The initiative is tailored to the needs of companies operating 
in Israel and is open to any company seeking to consume 100% 
electricity from renewable energy without entry fees or restrictions.


The initiative will operate to assist companies in setting realistic
goals for green electricity and will accompany them until full 
implementation, providing tools, knowledge sharing, and mediation 
on barriers in the Israeli economy.

Climate crisis is a core challenge our world faces.


The business community is the growth engine of Israel’s economy.


Rising commercial energy leadership advances the economy for business resilience, competitiveness, growth and prosperity in the era of climate crisis.   

Why join the Hashmal 100 initiative?

Exposure and support from the customer base in Israel

Achieving 100% green electricity is an important and challenging goal. The program will unite organizations in Israel that partake in the effort, invest in, and are dedicated to renewable energy.

Sharing ideas, initiatives, knowledge, and advancement plans

Knowledge sharing, mediation, support, and a professional toolbox for setting realistic goals for green electricity, up until full implementation.

Joining forces to remove barriers and detect needs in the field

Collaboration that generates a meaningful voice for removing barriers and finding new solutions, for the realization of the goal of achieving 100% electricity from green energy.

Competitive advantage for organizations operating with 100% green electricity in the era of climate crisis

The escalating costs of fossil fuels make the use of renewable energy essential in maintaining competitive standing in both international and local markets.

Reliable and objective confirmation of goal achievement – credibility!

The initiative was established by the business sector and for its benefit, with no regulatory involvement, in collaboration with Afeka College and the climate initiative of Tel Aviv University

Leading the oversight committee is Galit Kenigsberg, the director of the environmental arena at the Tel Aviv University.

Directing the technical committee is Dr. Moshe Tshuva, head of the School of Mechanical Engineering at Afeka College.

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יצירת קשר
מייסדים ושותפים חשמל 100

Founders and Partners

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