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Who Are We?

Hashmal 100 is a non-profit association established by leading companies in the business sector, in collaboration with the Environmental Arena, the Climate Initiative of Tel Aviv University, and Afeka College

Hashmal 100 Association Objectives

שיתוף פעולה אקדמיה ומגזר עסקי

Collaboration between academia and the business sector for the benefit of a competitive and sustainable Israeli economy

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Promoting the business sector to achieve 100% electricity from renewable energy in the State of Israel. As early as possible and no later than the year 2048

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Building Business Leadership in the Era of the Climate Crisis


The association Hashmal 100 was established through business sector initiative with the goal of enabling the business sector to become a leading force in Israel's transition to 100% electricity from renewable energy.


Fellow members of Hashmal 100 include factories, businesses, and organizations that set goals and interim goals ensuring the attainment of 100% electricity from renewable energy by 2048 – Israel's centennial year.


The program was inspired by the international initiative "RE100" and is supported by it. However, unlike the international association, Hashmal 100 is tailored to the needs of companies operating in Israel and is open to any company seeking to consume 100% electricity from renewable energy by no later than 2048. The program is operated by and for the business sector, without regulatory involvement.

Hashmal 100 views electricity from renewable energy as a vital goal for Israel's economy and believes that the business sector can and should lead the transition towards a renewable energy-based economy.


Hashmal 100 collaborates with academic bodies – "The Environmental Arena," the Climate Initiative of Tel Aviv University, and Afeka College. These bodies support the program by providing technological and professional assistance, developing tools and resources. Advanced-degree students assist companies in setting realistic goals for green electricity, developing a work plan for transitioning to electricity from renewable sources, guiding, measuring, and providing support and advice until goals are achieved.


Hashmal 100 promotes knowledge sharing among peers committed to the program and collaborates with Israeli policymakers to mediate barriers to the implementation of renewable energy, while also calling for a comprehensive management of the climate crisis in Israel.


Hashmal 100 aims to provide exposure and recognition to members committed to transitioning to renewable energy, emphasizing the significant role of the business sector in achieving Israel's goals – 100% electricity from renewable energy by 2050. Starting in 2023, the Hashmal 100 website will feature a list of companies committed to the program, including an annual status report regarding goal attainment. Additionally, Hashmal 100 encourages the use of the Hashmal 100 logo on partner websites and in their marketing materials.

Founders and Partners

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לוגו הזירה הסביבתית
לוגו משרד אפשטיין רוזנבלום מעוז (ERM)
לוגו התאחדות התעשיינים
לוגו איגוד חברות אנרגיה ירוקה לישראל


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