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Hashmal 100 initiative: Joining process

If you have questions at any stage of the process,
we encourage you to consult our technical committee, at:

Submitting a membership request on the website and receiving a membership form and peer agreement



Review of initiative’s Participation Conditions and Technical Criteria

Signing the agreement and payment of membership fees

Setting Objectives

Completion of Goals form (within 6 months from the date of joining the program)
Assistance from the technical committee in setting goals is available and recommended

After receiving committee approval: 

  • The company is published on the 'Members' page on the Hashmal 100 website

  • The company is granted permission to use the Hashmal 100 logo in its promotions

Approval of goals by the technical committee (up to 6 weeks from the submission date)

You are active peers in the Hashmal 100 initiative, contributing to the advancement of the Israeli economy toward the goal of 100% electricity from renewable sources by Israel's centennial year

Work Plan

Developing a work plan in accordance with the set goals. 
Submitting the plan to Hashmal 100, no later than two years from the date of joining.

Assistance from the technical committee in setting goals is available and recommended

Annual Reporting

Completing and submitting a progress toward goals report by February 28th each year

Upon verification, receiving an annual status confirmation from the technical committee on goal achievement (up to 6 weeks from the submission date) 

Submit a membership request 

הצטרפות ליוזמה

Have you checked the participation conditions and technical requirements and wish to join the transformation of the Israeli economy?

Fill in your details:

Thank you for submitting!

Founders & Partners

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לוגו הזירה הסביבתית
לוגו משרד אפשטיין רוזנבלום מעוז (ERM)
לוגו התאחדות התעשיינים
לוגו איגוד חברות אנרגיה ירוקה לישראל
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